The Construction Management faculty maintains strong ties to industry and to Illinois alumni working on high-profile projects around the world. Students benefit from this real-world perspective through opportunities for construction site visits, internships and participation in research with immediate application.

Information technology tools are of particular value to the construction engineer for planning, scheduling, fiscal control, inventory, estimating, and production rate forecasting. The Construction Management faculty includes world-class experts in the use of cutting-edge technology for greater efficiency and better collaboration during construction projects.

A unique feature of this area is the Global Leaders in Construction Management program, a graduate degree program designed to develop tomorrow’s industry leaders through rigorous study and international experience.

Research interests of the Construction Management faculty include:

  • Vulnerability assessment of civil infrastructure
  • Information technology for collaboration in preparedness, response and recovery during disasters involving critical physical infrastructure
  • Optimization of resource utilization during the construction and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure systems
  • Productivity assessment and improvement
  • Facility life-cycle management
  • Information management and building information models
  • Change management, conflict resolution, and process integration during the design and development of large-scale civil engineering systems.

Degrees Offered