CEE Online Construction Management

These are guidelines of how the Master of Science program with a specialization in Construction Management may be structured. The MS Degree requires 36 credit hours, 12 of which must be at the 500-level. Course selection is flexible and students are encouraged to individualize their program in coordination with their advisor. Other College of Engineering courses online can be found through the Office of Online and Professional Engineering Programs. Transportation Engineering and Infrastructure specializations are also available.

At Least 4 Courses from the Following

Construction Management:
420 Construction Productivity
421 Construction Planning
422 Construction Cost Analysis
424 Sustainable Const Methods
498 CEO Construction Equipment and Methods
525 Construction Case Studies
526 Constr Opt and Dec Mkg
598 VSC Visual Sensing for Civil Infrastructure Engineering & Management

4-5 Courses from the Following 

Courses from the Transportation area, or other College of Engineering courses may also be combined with the Construction Management specialty area. Sample electives are listed as follows. See the complete course listing for other options. 

472 Structural Dynamics
491 Decision and Risk Analysis
572 Earthquake Engineering
573 Structural Dynamics, II
574 Probabilistic Loads and Design
575 Fracture and Fatigue

598IR Infrastructure Repair

581 Earth Dams and Other Embankments
588 Geotech Earthquake Engr
589 Computational Geomechanics