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September 1, 2016

Intern-Strategic Resources

State Farm’s Fall 2016 Research and Development Center (RDC) Internship Program provides an opportunity for 10-15 hours of paid research work per week, through Friday, December 9, 2016.  This research project seeks geology, geophysics, and/or civil and environmental engineering majors to study topics related to induced seismicity, regulation of the oil and gas industry, methodologies in categorizing the root cause (natural or human-induced) of earthquakes, and/or oil and gas industry operations including hydraulic fracturing (fracking), directional drilling, and wastewater disposal.

This position requires good communication and people skills, basic knowledge of oil and gas industry operations, and knowledge of geology terminology.  Good writing and organizational skills are also desired.

To learn more about the State Farm Research and Development Center, please visit

Interested applicants will apply at to Job Opening ID #61366. 


August 31, 2016

WTS Chicago is offering two scholarships this year to women pursuing careers in the area of transportation.   The scholarships and amounts we are offering from our local chapter are:

-        Helene M. Overly Memorial Scholarship for Graduate Students - $4,000 ($10,000 national)

-        Leadership Legacy Scholarship for Graduate Students - $2,500 ($5,000 national)

All local winners will be forwarded onto the national level to compete for the national scholarship awards.  Applications are attached for each of these scholarships which are due October 28th. 


August 30, 2016

BakerRisk is hosting a Corporate Luncheon, Friday, September 9, 12-1pm, 3310 Newmark. 

BakerRisk is an internationally recognized firm dedicated to help predict, prevent, and mitigate hazards from explosions, fires, and toxic releases.  They specialize in process safety and risk management services to companies in the petroleum and chemical industries, as well as engineering and testing services for government agencies and private companies involved with hazardous materials.

They are hiring on campus for their 2017 Spring/Summer and Summer/Fall co-op terms in their San Antonio, Houston and Chicago offices. This is a great opportunity  to network with recruiters in a more informal atmosphere than the job fair. Click the link below for more information and to sign up! 

BakerRisk Corporate Luncheon Registration

August 30, 2016

Fernando Stump (UIUC 2013)
Thursday, September 8
Talbot Lab, Room 103 at 5:30 pm