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July 9, 2019

The City of Crest Hill is seeking to hire a civil engineer. Crest Hill is a municipality that is emerging professionally and is currently building a new Public Works building, and developing plans for a new City Hall and Police station.  Bringing an engineer on at this time would be a wonderful portfolio building experience with an opportunity for a long term career with the City.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.


July 9, 2019

Please see the attached flyer for an Entry Level Project Engineer position with Valjato Engineering in Brooklyn, NY.


June 27, 2019

Please see the following message and attached flyers from ACES Study Abroad:


ACES Study Abroad is happy to open up our two “First Year Experience” winter break programs to Panama and Bolivia to all 1st year students on campus.  We reserved seats for ACES students during the month of June (registration); however, we still have a few spots available and a waitlist for both programs.  We tend to have students drop out throughout the summer, so the waitlist is often rewarding.


Please feel free to let your first year students know about these experiences (flyer attached) if you continue to be in touch with them this summer, and if they’re looking to pick up additional classes or switch out of a class they’ve selected for fall 2019.


Additionally, we still have spots available in our winter break programs to INDIA and ECUADOR.  Please let your upperclassmen students know about these two programs!


June 26, 2019

Please see the attached job description for a position available at Lochner.


June 26, 2019

Please see the following invitation to the Erosion Control and Green Infrastructure Conference on July 12th at the iHotel.


My name is Colleen Ruhter.  I am a civil/environmental engineer working in Environmental Compliance within Facilities and Services at U of I.  The University is co-hosting an Erosion Control and Green Infrastructure Conference July 12 at the I-Hotel. 


We are reaching out to members of the U of I community that might be interested in attending.  Or who might work with others who would like to attend.  As the officers of Chi Epsilon, you seem like the ideal group of people to be contacting.


The conference will cover various Erosion Control topics in the morning, and Green Infrastructure design and certification in the afternoon, with a tour of the U of I Erosion Control Research & Training Center.  It is completely free, with breakfast and lunch both being served.


We hope you will be able to attend.  But we also ask if you would be willing to share the attached poster and/or print and hang the poster where you think it might catch the most attention.  Although it’s summer break and there aren’t nearly as many people on campus, we still hope to catch a good group of attendees.  Registration (as well as the agenda and presenter bios) is available at www.ccstormwater.org/events until June 28.


I know that when I was a civil engineering student (and a member of Chi Epsilon at the University of Evansville), and as young engineer just out of school, conferences like these were invaluable to both my learning and my networking.  I hope that some of the members of Chi Epsilon will be able to make this a part of their own experience.


If you have any questions about the poster or the conference, please let me know.

I hope to see you and some of your fellow students there!