EWES Program Elective Courses

Sustainable Management of Water Resources and Water Quality

CEE 433 Water Technology and Policy

CEE 434 Environmental Systems Analysis, I 

CEE 437 Water Quality Engineering 

CEE 440 Fate and Cleanup of Environmental Pollutants 

CEE 442 Principles of Environmental Engineering, Physical 

CEE 443 Principles of Environmental Engineering, Chemical 

CEE 444 Principles of Environmental Engineering, Biological 

CEE 446 Air Quality Engineering

CEE 449 Environmental Engineering Lab 

CEE 450 Surface Water Hydrology 

CEE 452 Hydraulic Analysis and Design 

CEE 453 Urban Hydrology and Hydraulics 

CEE 457 Groundwater 

CEE 534 Surface Water Quality Modeling 

CEE 535 Environmental Systems Analysis II 

CEE 537 Water Quality Control Processes I 

CEE 538 Water Quality Control Processes II 

CEE 550 Hydroclimatology 

CEE 551 Open-Channel Hydraulics 

CEE 552 River Basin Management 

CEE 555 Mixing in Environmental Flows 

CEE 557 Groundwater Modeling 

Design and construction of energy- and water-efficient infrastructure

CEE 401 Concrete Materials 

CEE 420 Construction Productivity

CEE 421 Construction Planning 

CEE 422 Construction Cost Analysis 

CEE 525 Construction Case Studies

CEE 527 Construction Conflict Resolution 

CEE 528 Construction Data Modeling 

CEE 503 Construction Materials Deterioration 

CEE 570 Finite Element Methods 

MSE 489 Materials Selection for Sustainability 

ARCH 441 Heat and Moisture in Buildings 

ARCH 580 Advanced Sustainability Principles 

Geologic and Geotechnical Systems: Energy Resources, Extraction and Carbon Sequestration

CEE 457 Groundwater 

CEE 483 Soil Mechanics and Behavior 

CEE 484 Applied Soil Mechanics 

CEE 585 Deep Foundations 

CEE 586 Rock Mechanics and Behavior 

CEE 588 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering 

GEOL 440 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy 

GEOL 540 Petroleum Geology 

GEOL 570 Hydrogeology 

Climate Change and Mitigation

ATMS 420 Atmospheric Chemistry 

ATMS 421 Earth System Modeling 

ATMS 447 Climate Change Assessment 

ATMS 511 Atmospheric Radiation 

ESE 482 Challenges of Sustainability 

Energy and Water in Transportation Systems

CEE 401 Concrete Materials 

CEE 405 Asphalt Materials I 

CEE 406 Pavement Design I 

CEE 407 Airport Design 

CEE 408 Railroad Transportation Engineering 

CEE 409 Railroad Track Engineering 

CEE 410 Railway Signaling and Control 

CEE 411 Railroad Project Design and Construction 

CEE 416 Traffic Capacity Analysis 

CEE 417 Urban Transportation Planning

CEE 418 Public Transportation

CEE 491 Decision and Risk Analysis 

CEE 506 Pavement Design II 

CEE 508 Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation 

CEE 512 Logistics Systems Analysis 

CEE 515 Traffic Flow Theory 

CEE 517 Traffic Signal Systems 

Energy Production and Conversion

ABE 436 Renewable Energy Systems 

ABE 488 Bioprocessing Biomass for Fuel 

NPRE 402 Nuclear Power Engineering 

NPRE 470 Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Sources 

NPRE 475 Wind Power Systems 

ME 400 Energy Conversion Systems 

ME 420 Intermediate Heat Transfer 

ME 502 Thermal Systems 

ME 520 Heat Conduction 

ME 521 Convective Heat Transfer 

ME 522 Thermal Radiation 

Systems Analysis of the Energy-Water Nexus

CEE 433 Water Technology and Policy

CEE 434 Environmental Systems Analysis, I 

CEE 535 Environmental Systems Analysis II 

CEE 491 Decision and Risk Analysis 

CEE 512 Logistics Systems Analysis 

GE 424 State Space Design for Control 

IE 410 Stochastic Processes & Applications 

IE 411 Optimization of Large Systems 

STAT 420 Methods of Applied Statistics 

CS 412 Intro Data Mining 

CS 440 Artificial Intelligence 

CS 446 Machine Learning 

ECE 486 Control Systems 

ECE 490 Introduction to Optimization 

GE 531 Genetic Algorithm Methods 

GE 530 Multiattribute Decision Making 

IE 510 Applied Nonlinear Programming 

IE 511 Integer Programming 

IE 598 Monte Carlo Simulation Methods 

ECE 515 Control System Theory & Design 

ECE 517 Nonlinear & Adaptive Control 

ECE 528 Analysis of Nonlinear Systems 

ECE 553 Optimum Control Systems 

ECE 555 Control of Stochastic Systems