SRM MS/PhD Program

Required and Recommended Courses

Core Courses

All students are required to take a common set of core courses:

  • CEE 491 Decision and Risk Analysis (offered online)
  • CEE 598 RA Reliability Analysis (offered online), GE 450 Decision Analysis I or MATH 464/STAT 410 Statistics and Probability II
  • CEE 574 Probabilistic Load and Design (offered online), CEE 498 SRM Societal Risk Management or UP 438 Disasters and Urban Planning

Required Seminar

  • CEE 595 SRM Societal Risk Management seminar (all semesters enrolled in the program)

Advanced Courses

M.S. students are encouraged and Ph.D. students are required to take at least one advanced course that synthesizes issues and methods related to societal risk management into CEE infrastructure planning, design, construction, and/or management. This objective can be met through independent study or research (CEE 597 or 599) with an SRM faculty member or through courses from the following list:

  • CEE 498 TSR Transportation Safety and Risk
  • CEE 498SIS Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Systems
  • CEE 498 WE Wind Engineering
  • CEE 503 Construction Materials Deterioration
  • CEE 504 Infrastructure NDE Methods
  • CEE 508 Pavement Rehabilitation
  • CEE 512 Logistics Systems Analysis
  • CEE 535 Environmental Systems II
  • CEE 540 Remediation Design
  • CEE 552 River Basin Management
  • CEE 572 Earthquake Engineering
  • CEE 574 Probabilistic Load and Design
  • CEE 575 Fracture and Fatigue
  • CEE 598 IR Repair of Civil Infrastructure
  • CEE 598 S Structural Design Optimization

Elective Courses

Students should select remaining elective courses in consultation with their advisers to create an organized plan leading to the desired specialization as well as program breadth. In addition to advanced electives in CEE, a variety of courses are available across campus that are related to societal risk management that can be used to partially fulfill the remaining required credit hours for the M.S. and Ph.D.  Students may also select other courses in agreement with their advisers.

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