Business Minor courses

Many Business Minor courses offered this summer and fall – this is unique to this year and is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our desire to offer more opportunities for students to complete their Minor requirements. The Gies College of Business will not offer this many elective courses to Business Minor students in subsequent terms.


Business Minor course availability for the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 terms:

Summer 2020 core courses: ACCY 200, BADM 310, BADM 320, FIN 221

Summer 2020 elective courses: BADM 300, BADM 311, BADM 340, BADM 350, BADM 375, BADM 380


Fall 2020 core courses: ACCY 200, BADM 310, BADM 320, FIN 221

Fall 2020 elective courses: BADM 300, BADM 311, BADM 312, BADM 313, BADM 314, BADM 323, BADM 326, BADM 340, BADM 381


Please review the course section notes – all enrollment restrictions, including dates that sections will open to all students, are listed there.  If an online section is offered, students must choose that option rather than the face-to-face section(s). 


Now that all students who began the minor under the previous application process have completed their studies, we are operating under the current open enrollment policies. This means we will not provide Closed Section Overrides to students who need classes to complete the Minor.  Please advise students to allow up to six semesters to complete the Business Minor.


Please refer to the Business Minor website and if a question cannot be answered there, please contact the Business Minor e-mail address ( rather than contacting individual advisors in Gies Business.  While we are working remotely, the intent to declare a campus minor form can be sent to the Business Minor e-mail address for processing.  We appreciate your support with these students and look forward to working with them to complete their Business Minor.