CEF Healthy Buildings Virtual Event (Free for students!)

On Wednesday November 18th at 12 PM Central, CEF is hosting the first of its Engineering Spotlight series of  discussions: Healthy Building Design, Construction, and Operation During COVID-19. The event will feature three industry experts hosting a dynamic conversation about:

• Design of new facilities, post-pandemic
• Redesign of existing facilities for transmission reduction
• Fast-track execution during a pandemic
• Planning and construction during and after pandemics
• Electrostatic disinfection and NanoSeptic technologies
• Reopening and ongoing high touch cleaning

We believe this discussion might be particularly enlightening and interesting for CEE students as we continue to adjust to a post-pandemic world. Participation is free for all students, but $20/person otherwise. More information is available here: https://bit.ly/3f6VU5p , and in the flyer below.