Environmental Engineering Position Open at the Univ of California-Berkeley

A position is available as a Environmental Engineering at University of California Berkeley. The hire will be at the untenured assistant professor level.

The position is in support of the Department’s broad initiative in Sustainability and Resilience. We seek candidates who will develop the next generation of solutions to environmental engineering problems and demonstrate excellence in system-level thinking and addressing sustainability challenges. Research connections that extend beyond the traditional bounds of environmental engineering are highly desired. More detailed description of the position can be found at https://aprecruit.berkeley.edu/JPF02681. 

The application deadline is October 16, 2020. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. The application materials can be submitted electronically at https://aprecruit.berkeley.edu/JPF02681. Please contact jobs@ce.berkeley.edu if you have any questions about the position or about the application process.