O4U Engineering Conference for LGBTQ+ Undergrads - FINAL CALL for Applications

Please see the following message from Out4Undergrad Engineering:


Please only continue reading and engaging with this message if you have the bandwidth to do so. Priority #1 should always be your mental and physical well-being. Our goal with outreach at this time is not to demand an undue amount of attention or labor from students, faculty/staff.


Black lives matter beyond their relationship with the police and police brutality. Black lives matter in all disciplines and all walks of life. For too long, engineering has employed only white, heterosexual and cisgender men, closed to the diversity of people in our world. As a result, we see that the only innovations brought forth to society are those drawn from their experiences; from seatbelts that fail to protect non-men to racist algorithms which punish and ignore people for the color of their skin, the engineering world must change before it can best serve all people. 


In every way, Out for Undergrad exists to drive this change. While we cannot improve the world by ourselves, we can uplift the people who can. O4U has a strong history of bringing underrepresented and underserved students together. Today, our commitment to supporting our students, especially Black LGBTQ+ students disproportionately affected by our white supremacist police state, remains as strong as ever. 


To help continue this work, please share this opportunity with students in your community. This year, the O4U Engineering Conference will be held virtually from September 9-13th, and is completely free to all students. Please encourage students to apply on our website - this conference is a space for students to meet recruiters from a variety of engineering firms and universities, receive guidance from amazing mentors, and form meaningful, lasting connections with other LGBTQ+ people in their fields. The final round of our rolling admissions process closes on June 14th, 11:59 PM EST.


O4U is here for you, first. Please reach out to O4UEngineeringAdmissions@outforundergrad.org with any questions or concerns.