Registration Deadlines

Registration Deadlines

May 12 Summer Registration Deadlines

Deadline for 100% Cancellation of all Courses for the Semester: You may be released from your obligation to pay all tuition and fees by canceling your registration for all summer sessions by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, May 12, the last day before instruction begins for Summer Session 1. That is your LAST opportunity to completely cancel your semester registration via Student Self-Service. One hundred percent refund of tuition and fees will not be granted if any campus service has been used during the semester requested for cancellation.

May 17 Registration Deadlines

Deadline to add or drop S1 (4 week) courses through Student Self-Service Deadline to submit forms to elect to audit a S1 (4 week) course

May 24 Registration Deadlines

Deadline to submit forms to elect to audit a course for SF (12 week) Last day to add a SF (12 week) course via Student Self-Service Last day to elect "in absentia" registration for Summer term

Auditors: Auditors are listeners in classes and not class participants. Graduate College policy states that students should take the Auditor’s Permit form to the first class meeting and ask the instructor to sign the form indicating approval.

It is important to remember that there are many different summer deadlines because students may attend different sessions of the summer term. If you are considering making changes to your summer registration, please check the registration deadlines for the parts of term in which you are registered.

For academic and registration deadlines for Summer 2019, visit the following websites:

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