Spring 2020 Deadlines

Spring 2020 Deadlines Extended!

Wednesday, May 6 is the new deadline for students to drop a full semester or POT B course without a grade of “W” via Student Self-Service, to submit a form to withdraw from the term without a grade of "W," and to submit a credit/no credit request form for a full semester or POT B course. We will accept email documentation in place of signatures. Please attach emails from the student and the advisor to the form when uploading to the Secure Form Drop Off.

Spring 2020 Reading Day Registration Deadlines

Thursday, May 7 is the last day to add or drop (with a "W" recorded) a Semester or Part of Term B course (Late Registration Form and department approval required). May 7 is also the last day to withdraw from ALL semester courses with "W's" recorded (Withdrawal/Cancellation Form and department approval required; ISSS approval is also required for international students). All forms must be submitted to the Graduate College before 5 p.m. on Reading Day, May 7. Email documentation will be accepted in place of signatures and should be attached to forms when uploading to the Secure Form Drop Off.

Admissions, Registration, & Enrollment Services • Graduate College

Dissertation Deposit Deadline

Friday, May 8 at 5 p.m. is the last day to complete a dissertation deposit for May 2020 graduation. Because all corrections and all required deposit materials must be received by the Graduate College no later than 5 p.m. on the day of the deposit deadline, the Thesis Office strongly encourages students to submit the thesis for review several days before the deadline. For further information about the deposit process, visit the Thesis Office website. 

Emily Wuchner • Graduate College Thesis Office