WindAid Peruvian Wind Turbine Project Updates

Please see the following message from WindAid's Peruvian Wind Turbine Project:


We're gearing up for 2019 to be our biggest year ever building and installing wind turbines for communities without electricity down here in Peru. We're reaching out to you again specifically with a couple of quick updates, and would like to thank you for your continued support!

Webinar - December 19th
First of all, to let you know about the webinar that is happening this Wednesday the 19th of December at 2pm Peru time. The webinar will be hosted by two previous WindAid volunteers, and is specifically geared towards helping anyone who wants to come down and volunteer better understand what to expect, and give them the opportunity to ask any questions.

2019 Dates
All volunteer dates for 2019 have now been released. We're continuing to run our 4-week programs, but they tend to fill up so quickly that we've been looking for other ways to offer more volunteering opportunities. So for the first time ever we've added two-week opportunities as well! If you know of anyone who'd be excited to come down, but may not have 4 weeks free due to other obligations, please also let them know about this brand new opportunity.

New Media
We've had some incredible volunteers working down here in 2018. They've done everything from improving the design of the wind turbine, to overhauling how we specifically run our community projects & train the communities to be independant. Often all of that hard work is hard to convey, but we've had a couple of communications interns who have done a phenomenal job to try to share that information. There is the most recent Newsletter from this November, which talks a lot about that community work, and some volunteer projects. There is also the brand new workshop video that shows some of the hands-on construction volunteers get to do!

Thank You!
We are making a point of sending this email to people who have supported us in the past, so thank you! WindAid Institute was founded by and for volunteers, and we are only able to accomplish so much because of your continued support. If you could please share this email to anyone who may be interested in volunteering, we'd very much appreciate it. Especially if you think they'd be interested in attending the webinar in two days, please do so soon. Also, we are always excited to create more permanant programs directly with universities, and have done so across four continents. So if you'd be interested, please reach out and I'd be happy to discuss some options.

Finally, I've also attached a Volunteer Pamphlet to give an outline of WindAid's volunteering opportunities. That way if you do forward it to someone who has not heard of us before, the information is already there.