ENG 315 - Mali Water Project; Course Information

Mali Water Project (ENG 315 – Section MWP) is a class-based project geared towards linking students from different backgrounds to collaborate and find a solution to the various water and health related problems of the community of Konilo-Coura in Mali, West Africa. Simultaneously, students will help develop a potential non-profit style organization structure that could be emulated with different projects in similar settings. There are no major or pre-requisite course requirements. You just need to be interested in working in a development project, while striving to make a positive impact on the lives of the residents of Konilo-Coura. Your coursework will be tailored taking into consideration your interests and the goals of the class. Some of the main goals of the class are:

Real life Experience

Provide students the opportunity to understand and gain experience working on a real-life project directly impacting a community while working with the community at the same time.

Project and Field work

Design and help implement a quality water supply system and revitalize a community garden in the community. Includes planning site-assessment and implementation trips to Konilo-Coura, Mali during Summer 2011.

Non-profit Development

Develop a non-profit style organizational structure concentrating (but not limited to) on fundraising for the project, making a documentary, developing a distinct image for the project, outreach to get the Urbana-Champaign community residents and middle and high-schools students involved in the project in various capabilities.

Class Timings: TR 5:00-6:20pm, Spring 2011

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Please contact Kelsey Watson at (watson20@illinois.edu)or Shikhank Sharma at (sharma24@illinois.edu) for any questions and further information about the project.

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