Online Graduate Handbook

Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Frequently Asked Questions
Departmental Resources and Key People/Area Graduate Admissions Coordinators
Professional Conduct and Academic Integrity
Registration and Programs of Study
The Degree of Master of Science (MSCE, MSEE)
The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Table 1 Doctoral Candidate Qualification Procedures of Each Departmental Area
Special Graduate Degree Programs and Options
Financial and Other Assistance
Graduate Level Courses
Appendix 1 – Procedures for Grievances
Appendix 2 – M.S. Degree Requirements and Procedures for the Ten Departmental Areas
Appendix 3 –Plan of Study
Appendix 4 – Statement of Interest in Pursuing the Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Appendix 5 – CEE Ph.D. Student Professional Development Program and Award