Civil engineering is a discipline in which on-the-job research, investigation, and laboratory research play a major role.  CEE at Illinois conducts cutting-edge research with immediate, significant benefit to society.  Graduate and undergraduate students actively participate with faculty in conducting basic and applied research in design, construction, and repair of infrastructure; the search for solutions to the clean water needs of developing and developed societies; the design, testing and improvement of our transportation infrastructure and systems; and many other areas.

For an overview of the current research being led by CEE faculty, please view the faculty rosters for each of the department's areas of study.  These pages, listed directly below, show professors' research interests.  Most faculty members also maintain research websites, which are accessible from their individual profile pages.  In addition, many of the areas have more information about research on their websites. 

Area faculty rosters:

Energy-Water-Environment Sustainability Faculty

Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Systems Faculty

Construction Management Faculty, Research

Construction Materials Faculty, Research

Environmental Engineering and Science Faculty, Research

Environmental Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering Faculty, Research

Geotechnical Engineering Faculty, Research

Structural Engineering Faculty, Research

Transportation Engineering Faculty, Research

CEE at Illinois is one of the nation’s best-equipped programs, with a broad range of facilities for civil and environmental engineering education and research.  Click on Research Facilities, directly below, to view some of the highlights.  Through the research centers based in the department, CEE students participate in a wide range of groundbreaking research projects with immediate relevance to real-world engineering applications.  Click on Research Centers, directly below, to read about the various centers.

Research Facilities

Research Centers