Due to the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus, I have transitioned all in-person workshops to scheduled live webinars, or you can take the on-demand self-paced online workshop any time accessible for an entire year. Starting last month, the exam can now be taken online too!

Webinar and Online self-paced options:


I will be offering live webinars that can be streamed on any of the following dates:

July 11 2020 – 1:00PM – 5:00PM EDT

July 29 2020 – 5:00PM – 9:00PM EDT

The Counseling Center’s Sankofa Black Student Outreach Team is partnering with Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center to offer a safe space for students to process ongoing events and connect with others on Thursdays from 4-5pm. Please see the attached flyer for more details.


The counseling center has put together 3 staff that are ready to offer 3 hours of virtual consultation time (total @ one hour each) for students to use for the summer term.  Jennifer, Chris and Bill (see flyer) are great liaisons and are experienced in offering virtual consultation hours. These consultations are brief interactions to gauge what type of services may be most helpful to students and can be thought of as a first contact with a clinical staff member.


Eskenazi & Farrell Associates, LLC (EFA) is looking to hire a recent graduate from the University of Illinois.

EFA is a small structural engineering firm in downtown Chicago that performs structural design and prepares structural drawings for commercial, industrial and residential projects.  They also perform façade examinations of masonry-clad high-rise buildings.

Candidates may visit their website at  www.efa173.com to see more information.

Please see the following message from Out4Undergrad Engineering:


Please only continue reading and engaging with this message if you have the bandwidth to do so. Priority #1 should always be your mental and physical well-being. Our goal with outreach at this time is not to demand an undue amount of attention or labor from students, faculty/staff.


Please see the following message from ITS Midwest on the Gordon Paesani Scholarship:


ITS Midwest Scholarships

Gordon Paesani Scholarship 2020

Dear Dean,

CEE will be offering the following undergraduate courses this summer!  Beginning June 15 – Summer Session II (8 Week Course).  For more information about these courses and other offerings go to: https://courses.illinois.edu/schedule/2020/summer/CEE

CEE320 – Construction Engineering (EJ Ignacio)
CEE330 – Environmental Engineering (Prof. Helen Nguyen)

I hope you are doing well and have a great summer! Students can take advantage of their time over the summer to advance their knowledge in sustainability as I have transitioned my scheduled in-person LEED workshop at UIllinois into identical live webinars. Starting this week, the exam can now be taken online too!

Please see the following message from AT&T on their new Summer Learning Academy. The deadline to apply is June 12th.


Dear Friends,


When AT&T read the news stories and saw that almost half of all college students lost their summer internship… one AT&T Value came to mind: Be there. Having already honored their commitment to this summer’s AT&T interns – AT&T realized many more students were still in need. And we knew they could help.


Please see the following message from Off Campus Community Living (OCCL) and Student Legal Services (SLS)