Civil Engineering Class of 1943 Undergraduate Leadership Award

Established in 1980 by the class of 1943.

This award is given to a junior in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering who best demonstrates recognition of the need and value of preparing for leadership in the practical application of civil engineering. Preparation for this leadership role is partially reflected in elective courses taken in the technical, business, and human resources areas, as well as extracurricular activities.

The award will be given in two equal payments: one during the Fall semester and one during the Spring semester.

Past recipients:

2021     Emily Dickett

2020     Claire Samojedny

2019     Melissa Bayer, Lauren Excell

2018     Alexandra Kawar

2017     Siddhant Chawla

2016     William Sieczkowski III

2015     Alyssa Martinez

2014     Christine Daul

2013     Savannah Goodman

2012     Bethany Myelle

2011     Timothy W. Veldman

2010     John P. Sarsfield

2009     Claire E. Joseph

2008     Jodie F. Green

2007     Scott D. Banjavcic

2006     Allen W. Barton