Ira O. Baker Prize

Ira O. Baker, a civil engineering faculty member from 1875 to 1925, and Department Head for 39 of the 50 years, initiated the Ira O. Baker Prizes in 1923. The purpose of the prizes is to recognize outstanding seniors, and thus serve as an incentive to undergraduate students to put forth their best efforts. These prizes have been made to the top-ranking senior students in civil engineering every spring since 1924. The faculty of the Department selects the winners.

In addition to superior scholastic achievement, which is of primary importance, the selection is based on the student’s activities in organizations and on personal characteristics that include initiative, reliability and potential.

Past recipients:

Recipients are listed first place, second place.

2021     Andrew Conwell, Erika Jaszka

2020     Lauren Excell, Hui Yi Koh

2019     Geordie Roscoe, Alexandra Kawar

2018     Xiaodan Du, Hua Shao

2017     Thomas Roadcap, Rohini Gupta

2016     Hannah Lohman, Weixi Li

2015     Brian Nicolls, Kelly Samara

2014     Savannah Goodman, Marika Nell

2013     Matthew Jarrett, Raphael Stern

2012     Andrzej Tatkowski, Andrew Rehn

2011     Kimberly M. Parker, Chuan Li

2010     Peter A. Maraccini, Derek R. Vardon

2009     Brian K. Schertz, Adam B. Tate

2008     Adam K. Janzen, Michael J. Fornek

2007     Sean L. Poust, Cameron Talischi

2006     Steven D. Spradau, Elizabeth A. Zimmerman