CEE 310 - Transportation Engineering

Spring 2023

Transportation EngineeringCEE310D31699LCD31100 - 1150 M W F  1017 Civil Eng Hydrosystems Lab Lewis J. Lehe
Erol Tutumluer
Mingu Kang
Shirin Qiam
Transportation EngineeringCEE310ZJ171185LCD31300 - 1350 M    Erol Tutumluer
Transportation EngineeringCEE310ZJ171185LCD31100 - 1150 W    Erol Tutumluer
Transportation EngineeringCEE310ZJ171185LCD31500 - 1550 W    Erol Tutumluer

Official Description

Design, planning, operation, management, and maintenance of transportation systems; integrated multi-modal transportation systems (highways, air, rail, etc.); layout of highways, airports, and railroads with traffic flow models, capacity analysis, and safety. Design of facilities and systems with life cycle costing procedures and criteria for optimization. Course Information: Prerequisite: TAM 251; credit or concurrent registration in CEE 202.