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CEE 380 - Geotechnical Engineering

Spring 2021

Geotechnical EngineeringCEE380IP231705LCD30900 - 0950 M W F  1310 Newmark Civil Engineering Bldg Timothy D Stark
Geotechnical EngineeringCEE380OL172881ONL31100 - 1220 T R    Roman Makhnenko
Geotechnical EngineeringCEE380OL272882ONL30900 - 0950 M W F    Timothy D Stark
Geotechnical EngineeringCEE380OL341439ONL31100 - 1220 T R    Roman Makhnenko
Geotechnical EngineeringCEE380ZJ173153ONL31100 - 1220 T R    Roman Makhnenko

Official Description

Classification of soils, compaction in the laboratory and in the field, soil exploration, boring and sampling, permeability of soils, one-dimensional settlement analyses, strength of soil, and foundations. Course Information: Prerequisite: TAM 251.