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CEE 595 - Adv Environmental Engr Seminar

Fall 2020

Adv Environmental Engr SeminarCEE595AG36094ONL01200 - 1250 R    Roland Cusick
AI in ConstructionCEE595AIC67287ONL11230 - 1320 T    Mani Golparvar Fard
Advances in Railway TechnologyCEE595ART63195ONL1 -     Christopher P. L. Barkan
Energy Wtr Environment SustainCEE595EWS60690ONL01200 - 1250 M     Ashlynn S. Stillwell
Geotechnical Engr SeminarCEE595F36096ONL0 -     Joe G. Tom, Jr.
Environmental Engr SeminarCEE595G36097ONL11200 - 1250 M    Thanh Huong Nguyen
Structural Engr SeminarCEE595S36098ONL01600 - 1720 M    Franklin T. Lombardo
Societal Risk Mngmt SeminarCEE595SRM36095ONL01200 - 1250 M    Bassem O Andrawes
Sustain & Resiliant Infrst SysCEE595SUS59081ONL01200 - 1250 M    Hadi Meidani
Hydro Engr SeminarCEE595W36099ONL01200 - 1250 F     Marcelo H. Garcia

Official Description

Discussion of current topics in civil and environmental engineering and related fields by staff, students, and visiting lecturers. Course Information: Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated.