CEE Online Transportation Engineering

These are guidelines of how the Master of Science program with a specialization in Transportation Engineering may be structured. Course selection is flexible and may include courses not listed here. At least 12 credit hours at the 500-level is required for the MS degree. Students are encouraged to individualize their program in coordination with their advisor. Other College of Engineering courses online can be found through the Office of Online and Professional Engineering Programs. Construction Management and Infrastructure specializations are also available.

At Least 4 Courses from the Following

CEE406 Pavement Design/Analysis I
CEE407 Airport Engineering
CEE408 Railroad Transportation Engineering
CEE409 Railroad Track Engineering
CEE410 Railway Signaling and Control
CEE411 Railroad Proj Planning and Design
CEE 415 Geometric Design of Roads, Spring
CEE 416 Traffic Capacity Analysis, Fall
CEE 418/(formerly 498PT) Public Transportation Systems, Spring
CEE498HSR High Speed Rail Engineering
CEE498HRM High Speed Rail Construction Management
CEE498HRP High Speed Rail Planning
CEE503 Pavement Durability
CEE506 Pavement Design/Analysis II
CEE508 Pavement Eval and Rehab
CEE509 Transportation Soils
CEE512 Logistics System Analysis
CEE598ABM Advanced Asphalt
CEE598SS Transportation Soil Stabilization

4-5 Courses from the Following   

Construction Management:
CEE420 Construction Productivity
CEE421 Construction Planning
CEE 424 Sustainable Const Methods
CEE525 Construction Case Studies
CEE526 Constr Opt and Dec Mkg

CEE446 Air Quality Engineering
CEE453 Urban Hydrology and Hydraulics
CEE457 Groundwater
CEE598IUW Integrated Urban Water Infrastructure

CEE581 Earth Dams and Other Embankments
CEE588 Geotech Earthquake Engr
CEE589 Computational Geomechanics