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August 23, 2018

The Student Health Insurance Enrollment Period is August 23 - September 25. During the enrollment period you can do the following:

Reinstate if you’ve previously waived out of the Student Health Insurance Plan. Add a dependent, partner, and /or spouse. Opt Out of the student Health Insurance Plan if you have comparable coverage.

For more information, visit Student Health Insurance online.

August 22, 2018


Topics will include:

• Applying system engineering techniques in product development for high-powered technical organizations building complex systems.

• Understanding the realities of complex system design

• Stepwise development of complex systems

• Organization of system development projects.

Why is this important?

Not using Systems Engineering results in...

• Over one-third of all projects fail.

• Over two-thirds will not achieve all their goals.

Who should take this course?

• Engineers who plan to work on complex products like autonomous vehicles, fighter planes, tractors and combines.

• Open to undergrads with senior standing and graduate students from all engineering majors

Course Description/ Overview

This course in systems engineering examines the principles and process of creating effective systems to meet application demands. The concepts, problems, and methods of systems engineering are introduced in lectures and discussions and applied in assignments and through a semester-long group project.

The focus is on systems of hardware and software components engineered to perform complex behavior. Such systems embed computing elements, integrated sensors and actuators, operate in a reliable and timely fashion, and demand rigorous engineering from conception through production. Applications of robotics and autonomous systems will be used to illustrate applications and challenges in engineering complex systems.

The course is organized as a progression through the systems engineering processes of analysis, design, implementation, and deployment with consideration of verification and validation throughout. Case studies in each phase present best practice in the field, and both successes and failures are considered. Reading assignments from the textbook and current literature tie theory to practical methods of creating complex engineered systems. Homework assignments reinforce concepts and provide direct experience of key techniques.

The course should be appropriate for graduate students in all areas and for advanced undergraduates who intend to become practicing engineers.


August 20, 2018

HDR has a $10,000 scholarship they would like made known among graduate level students. They will be awarding the scholarship to a graduate student interested in Transportation Engineering (majoring in civil engineering, structural engineering or geotechnical engineering). The scholarship would also include a paid internship within their transportation business group.

August 16, 2018

Please see attached class description for ENG440


August 15, 2018

Fall Registration Reminders and Upcoming Deadlines

Please make sure to double check your registration at the beginning of the semester to avoid problems with registration and unwanted tuition charges later. Students are responsible for their own registration and for ensuring the accuracy of their schedules. Please refer to the Graduate College Handbook for details about requirements. If you have questions about requirements, please contact your Department office.

August 24: Last business day to cancel fall registration and receive a 100% refund (Withdrawal/Cancellation Form Required)

August 26: Last day to cancel registration via Self-Service and receive a 100% refund

August 31: Last day to add a Part of Term A course via Self-Service or to drop a Part of Term A course and receive a refund if reducing assessment range

September 10:

Last day to submit a form to elect to audit a semester course Last day to submit a form to elect to register “in Absentia” Last day to add a semester course via Self-Service Last day to add a Part of Term A course (late registration form and department approval required)




August Graduates

Please make sure that you are not registered for the Fall 2018 semester so that you do not face unwanted tuition and fees charges. If you are registered and are not continuing in another program, cancel your registration by the August 26 deadline.