Graduate Admissions

An increasing number of employers in consulting or industry consider the master's degree as the entry-level degree. The Ph.D. degree emphasizes advanced study and participation in creative research that is at the leading edge of the field. Our department offers one of the top-ranked Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate programs in the country.


The M.S. degree may be completed with or without a thesis. The M.S. degree requires 32 credit hours of graduate course credit if a thesis is part of the program (with 8 of the 32 hours comprising the thesis), and 36 hours without a thesis. It is possible to complete the M.S. non-thesis degree in one year or less. 

The Ph.D. program requires 32 additional hours of coursework beyond the M.S. degree, plus a comprehensive research program and preparation of a dissertation for an additional 32 hours of thesis research credit.

International Applicants

Please see the additional requirements for international applicants.

Graduate Degrees and Interdisciplinary Programs

M.S. and Ph.D. degrees are available in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering in Civil Engineering. In addition to the department's established interdisclinary programs in Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Systems, Energy-Water-Environment Sustainability and Societal Risk Management, students can also develop cross-disciplinary programs in consultation with their advisers.

Masters of Engineering in Railway Engineering

The Master of Engineering in Engineering with Concentration in Railway Engineering provides a broad interdisciplinary education in railway engineering for a variety of professional career-track students. Click here for program details.

Special Degree Programs and Options


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