ABE 474 Indoor Environmental Control will be offered online for Spring 2018

Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

Course Description

This course will focus on analysis of indoor environments and relationship with humans, animals and plants. This will include interactions between facilities operation and both human comfort and animal and plant production. Topics will be organized by psychrometrics, occupant health and comfort, structural heat transfer, heating and cooling loads, and energy and mass balances as related to indoor environment, air properties, and ventilation. Examples in the course will specifically focus on energy requirements for maintaining comfortable indoor conditions.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, a student shall demonstrate engineering competence in:

Analysis of building environments for humans, poultry, swine, beef cattle, horses, dairy cattle, and greenhouses. Describing physical parameters of indoor environments for humans, animal and plants. Emphasis on occupant interaction with the building thermal environment. Assessment and manipulation of thermal environment systems, including: Calculating energy loads for buildings based on outdoor conditions and occupancy. Calculating energy required for processes of ventilating, heating, and cooling. Strategies for reducing energy requirements will be explored. Technical writing and data presentation and interpretation. Problem-solving using computational tools, theoretical models, and physical data.