Announcing EPI Workshop Series for Fall 2016--for students

CITL and the ITA Program in Linguistics are offering a series of four 1-hour workshops designed to help students learn about and prepare for the EPI. This is the same series (and content) that we offered in February.

The dates and topics are as follows:

October 5, Session 1: Overview. Defining terms. Practice strategies.

October 10, Session 2: Using clarification and negotiation strategies

October 19, Session 3: Answering open-ended questions

October 24, Session 4: EPI practice. Setting goals. Resources.

Session descriptions may be found at this link:

Sessions are open to first-time examinees as well as EPI re-takers. Students may register at this URL:

Students may select the sessions they wish to attend, but registration is required. Enrollment is limited to 35 students for each session.