Business Minor Courses

Any CEE students working on a Business minor may be interested in the following message from the Office of Undergraduate Affairs:


Dear business minor student,


You are receiving this communication because you have declared your intention to pursue a business minor. This email contains important information regarding course offerings, registration policies, and other important questions. Please read all this information carefully.


In addition to the information provided below, please consult the Business Minor web page and the Course Explorer. Refer to the spring 2020 semester class schedule for specific business minor course enrollment instructions, noted in the course’s section details.


The following courses are required for the business minor:


ACCY 200 – Fundamentals of Accounting (3 hours); Alternatively, the ACCY 201 and ACCY 202 course sequence will also fulfill the Fundamentals of Accounting core requirement BADM 310 - Management and Organizational Behavior (3 hours) BADM 320 - Principles of Marketing (3 hours) FIN 221 - Corporate Finance (3 hours); ECON 102 or ECON 103 is a prerequisite (not offered Spring 2020 semester)


Two of the following elective courses must be completed to earn the minor:


BADM 300 The Legal Environment of Bus (3 hours) BADM 311 Leading Individuals and Teams (3 hours); BADM 310 is a prerequisite. BADM 312 Designing and Managing Organizations (3 hours); BADM 310 is a prerequisite. BADM 313 Strategic Human Resource Management (3 hours); BADM 310 is a prerequisite. BADM 314 Leading Negotiations (3 hours) BADM 323 Marketing Communications (3 hours); BADM 320 is a prerequisite. BADM 326 Pricing Policies (3 hours); BADM 320 is a prerequisite. BADM 340 Ethical Dilemmas of Business (3 hours) BADM 350 IT for Networked Organizations (3 hours) BADM 375 Operations Management (3 hours) BADM 380 International Business (3 hours) BADM 381 Multinational Management (3 hours) FIN 230 Introduction to Insurance (3 hours)


Frequently Asked Questions


Should I register for online or in-person course sections?
If online sections are offered, students must enroll in online sections of all the Business Minor courses. Utilizing online platforms expands the enrollment capacities of Business Minor courses; however, enrollment capacity is not unlimited and is subject to change. Are there prerequisites for enrolling in business minor courses?
The FIN 221 Core Course requires the completion of our campus’s ECON 102 or ECON 103 course or the equivalent of an off-campus transfer course. Select business minor elective courses will require the completion of their prerequisite BADM 310 or BADM 320 core courses.

If you have questions regarding the business minor that were not covered here or in the Business Minor web page, please contact us at