Civil China's CEE Commencement Banquet

Civil China will be hosting an International CEE Commencement Banquet this Sunday, April 22nd, from 6 pm to 8 pm, at the llini Union Ball Room. Please see the following message and attached flyer from Civil China:

"We want to invite more students to join us at that night to refresh memories and deepen the bonds together. We have invited several professors to this event and also prepare a lot of shows and prizes for attendees. Tickets are only $20 for those who are graduating this semester and $25 for those who are not. Dining will be included and provided by Illini Union Catering.  Please see the poster attached below or contact Xiaodan Du (Treasurer,  for payment details. We sincerely invite all international, domestic, exchange students and families to join our commencement banquet.