Statefarm Internship Opportunity

The State Farm Research and Development Center is seeking two interns for the upcoming Fall 2018 semester (August 27th - December 14th). A description of the project and skillsets needed is below. Those interested should apply via the State Farm career site for req2423, linked here: (note that the write up in the link will be much more generic than the description below; rest assured it’s the right one to apply to).

Who we are:

-          With our close proximity to State Farm Headquarters (Bloomington, IL), the State Farm®Research & Development Center offers access and insight into a top player in American business. State Farm ranks #36 among the Fortune 500 list of largest companies. Within State Farm, the RED Labs team is focused on transforming and disrupting the Enterprise and industry as a whole. We monitor and evaluate new trends and technology to identify opportunities that enable our teams to intentionally provoke convention. Interns at the Research and Development Center, located at the U of I Research Park, work 10-15 hours/week during the fall and spring semesters work 10-15 hours/week, with full-time opportunities in the summer.

Project brief:

The aerial data insights concept, being developed within RED Labs, will deliver a proof of concept that demonstrates the ability to extract a refined set of risk probabilities for flooding, per address, based on 3-dimensional aspects and metadata of the property. This outcome will be achieved through:

Collection of <1” GSD aerial imagery over areas of interest (AOI) with unmanned aircraft systems/drones 3 dimensional models created of the AOI, including terrain and structures, leveraging photogrammetry Applying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid-structure interaction (FSI) simulations to 3D models to determine structures’ exposure & severity from wind & flood hazards Identify and apply meteorological frequency analysis data (e.g. “100 year storm”) for area within AOI: Frequency analysis of stream flow Frequency analysis of rainfall Frequency analysis of storm surge Frequency analysis of high wind Determine probabilistic risk assessment score for each address within AOI based on frequency analysis, terrain features, hazard magnitude, known property risk mitigations


Candidates would have structural performance knowledge in relation to different materials, geometries, and external forces.  Experience with computation fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid-structural interactions (FSI) modeling would be ideal.  This skillset will enable the State Farm Labs team to setup, execute, and derive data from modeling software (Autodesk Infraworks, Invent CFD, OpenFOAM/Paraview) to determine magnitude of forces on 3D structures.  This role would also assist in researching structural type classifications relevant to storm/flood resilience, structural failure rates, and civil engineering aspects that have significant impact on risk. 

Focus in structural/civil engineering, or hydrology Consultation on structural failure rate and type classification, specific to flood resilience Assist team with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, enabling simulations Experience with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) or materials engineering.