Yee Fellowship Award Applications Due to Joan Christian February 26

The YEE Fellowship is made possible by a generous bequest of Drs. Warren and Ming Ting Yee. Dr.
Warren Yee received his Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1943 and
was a partner in the Detroit firm of Harley, Ellington, Pierce & Yee Associates and later was the founder
of Bio-Tech Research Laboratory, Inc. in Washington, D.C. He died in 1984.

Dr. Warren Yee was known for thinking of others, especially relatives in China, before he thought of
himself. His wife has requested that income from the funds be used to support Chinese graduate
students in the College of Engineering. Special consideration will be given to students from inner
provinces or inner province universities (not coastal) in China.

Each award will be $5,000. This will be paid in two payments of $2,500 in fall and spring terms. The College of Engineering anticipates awarding four fellowships for the 2018-2019 academic year. Applicants cannot graduate
before May 2019 as they must be a full-time student both fall 2018 and spring 2019 terms.

CEE may nominate up to two students and there is a maximum of one award per department per year. Nominations should be submitted to Joan Christian's office in 1108 Newmark with all applications materials by Feb 26.

Application Package
⎯ Application cover sheet (Joan will fill out)
⎯ Student vita/resume specifying previous education, work experience, research experience,
publications, presentations and relevant service.
⎯ For current Illinois graduate students, please include
unofficial transcripts with current GPA and a copy of GRE scores from their admission file.
⎯ One-page essay by the student nominee. The essay should describe the student's career goals
and how these goals will impact engineering education, research, and service to the field of
engineering. In addition, how the student's PhD program will help accomplish those goals. For
incoming PhD students, please ask them to submit this statement.

⎯ Two letters of recommendation, which should address the student's demonstrated contributions
and/or potential for making significant contributions to engineering education, research and
service. In particular, the letters should address how the Yee Fellowship will help the student
meet his/her career goals.

Selection Criteria
⎯ Special consideration will be given to students from inner provinces or inner province
universities (not coastal) in China.
⎯ Strong academic performance based on the student’s transcripts, letters of recommendation, and
vita/resume (previous recognition/awards).
⎯ Demonstrate interest in engineering education (teaching experiences in the classroom,
laboratory, or as a tutor), extracurricular teaching (high schools or through outreach programs),
service to the community promoting technical awareness, research, or other outreach activities
that promote engineering education.
⎯ Research accomplishments, publications, presentations, letters of recommendation, and student's
⎯ Assessment of the student's commitment to and potential for contributing to engineering
education based on the student's essay, letters of recommendation, and previous performance.