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Modernization Plan is focus of new website

7/2/2019 3:35:52 PM

Modernization screen capture
Modernization screen capture

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has launched a new website to feature the CEE Modernization Plan effort. The site contains up-to-date floorplans, which include information about faculty, alumni and family members being honored with named spaces. The Latest News section will keep readers informed of progress and highlight some of our donors. Additionally, we have posted a collection of archive photos showing students and faculty throughout CEE’s long history at the University of Illinois. We hope the site will keep alumni and friends informed of progress, make it easy to support the project and inspire memories of time on campus.

Opportunities still exist for naming interior rooms and the building, and those interested in adding support to rooms already named can do so easily on the website. In addition to supporting the project, visitors to the site also have the opportunity to share memories of their time on campus and request a meeting with the department head.

The URL for the new website is

Construction of the new Hydrosystems Laboratory addition is underway, with a target completion date of Summer 2020. As of July 1, 2019, 383 donors have made gifts to support the project. The smallest gift is $15, and the largest gift is $3 million. If you have questions about making a gift, please contact Katya Trubitsyna at (217) 300-0194 or