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Popovics Wins College of Engineering Teaching Award

2/18/2014 9:01:00 AM

Associate Professor John Popovics has been selected for a 2014 College of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award. The award is given annually to a faculty member of graduate teaching assistant who exemplifies outstanding teaching ability in the College of Engineering.

Popovics joined the CEE at Illinois faculty in 2002. He teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses on materials properties, construction material corrosion and durability, concrete technology, and non-destructive testing. He has two primary research interests. The first is non-destructive evaluation, imaging and sensing, where he applies mechanical and magnetic field phenomena to assess the condition of infrastructure materials and structures. His second research interest is degradation processes of infrastructure materials, particularly corrosion.

The award will be presented at the College of Engineering Faculty Awards Ceremony on April 28, 2014.