CEE Buildings

Newmark Lab

The Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory was built in 1969 and is home to the main CEE administrative office, faculty and grad student offices, conference rooms, several laboratories and a large, central crane bay.

Yeh Center

The M.T. Geoffrey Yeh Center was added on to the east side of Newmark Lab and provides additional classrooms and conference rooms, as well as large, open collaboration spaces for students.

CEE Building

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Building includes classrooms, labs, faculty and grad student offices, and several collaboration spaces. An instrumented pedestrian bridge connects the building with the Yeh Center.

Research Labs

Learn more about some of the research facilities available at CEE.

Research Labs

General building information:

Classrooms and teaching labs

Yeh Center:

  • 1st floor: 1310, 1311
  • 2nd floor: 2310, 2311, 2312
  • 3rd floor: 3310, 3350

Civil and Environmental Engineering Building:

  • Basement: 0012 teaching lab
  • 1st floor: 1015 teaching lab, 1017 classroom
  • 2nd floor: 2015 classroom
  • 3rd floor:  3017 teaching lab, 3019 classroom

Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory:

  • Basement: B226 (asphalt lab)
  • 1st floor: 1220 (concrete lab), 1225 (classroom)
  • 4th floor: environmental lab


Gender-neutral bathrooms: 1236 A & B Newmark

SR2 lab connected toilets: in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Building, a waterless urinal in the men's 1st floor bathroom and a no-mix toilet in the women's 1st floor bathroom are connected to the SR2 lab, providing source-separated human waste streams for research. 

Administrative Offices

The main administrative offices are located through the glass doors just off the lobby of Newmark Lab, including the Office of the Department Head and undergraduate and graduate advisers. The Business Offices are located in the basement and the main administrative office area. 

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