Professional Development Opportunities

  • Ph.D. Student Professional Development Program: This is a 3-year optional program for Ph.D. students or second year M.S. students (intending to pursue a Ph.D. ) who want to engage in peer-mentoring, social networking, and professional development activities for improving non-technical skills that are important for job placement and career advancement. Professional development activities can include related workshops and community outreach, service on a committee, and completion of a business or teaching-related certificate. Students completing the professional development program will be recognized with a “CEE Professional Development Award.” For program guidelines, please see Appendix 5 of the Graduate Handbook.
  • Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL):  This Center offers several different teaching certificate programs that students can pursue, in addition to teaching workshops, private consultation on teaching, teaching evaluation tools, and other information on teaching resources available on campus (e.g., courses on teaching).
  • Technology Entrepreneurship Center: The Center provides students and faculty with the skills, resources and experiences necessary to become successful innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who tackle grand challenges and change the world.