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CEE introduces new tracks with focus on data science

New undergraduate certificate option and non-thesis Master's track combine data science, CEE core disciplines.

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Optimized design of auditorium beams for new campus building

CEE alum, professor collaborate on structural design of auditorium beams for Campus Instructional Facility.

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CEE at Illinois Modernization Project

Learn about the new Hydrosystems Lab and Smart Bridge.

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Why Choose CEE at Illinois?

Engineering students

Widely known for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere, CEE at Illinois is where you go to learn, study and conduct leading research in civil and environmental engineering. A top-ranked program with distinguished faculty, CEE at Illinois prepares students to tackle some of society's biggest challenges:

  • Ensuring clean air, safe drinking water and sanitation;
  • Addressing our changing environment;
  • Protecting the population from natural and man-made hazards;
  • Designing a sustainable infrastructure that serves everyone;
  • Reimagining human and commodity traffic for an automated future;
  • And, of course, designing and constructing the world’s tallest buildings and most iconic bridges

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Ranked graduate program
U.S. News & World Report (2022)



Ranked online graduate program
U.S. News & World Report (2022)



Mean Starting Salary of CEE Graduates


Companies Participating
in Each CEE Job Fair


Fundamentals of Engineering Exam pass rate (national pass rate is 68%)

CEE Modernization Project

CEE at Illinois is upgrading and expanding its facilities and modernizing its curriculum to prepare our students to meet society's changing needs.

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