Undergraduate Programs

Our department offers a highly ranked, comprehensive undergraduate curriculum, which requires 128 hours of course work leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering.

The first two years of study for undergraduate students build the base needed for the civil and environmental engineering education: students take physics, math, chemistry, theoretical and applied mechanics, and some general engineering courses. Students can also take several electives at this time.

The last two years of study involve primarily civil and environmental engineering courses. Students elect a primary and secondary area of study from the seven areas of concentration and three cross-cutting programs within the department.

Graduate Programs

Many of the leaders in Civil and Environmental Engineering -- in academia, research, and practical engineering -- have founded their future on the benefits of an advanced degree program. For many positions, a graduate degree is required or considered a key point of personal development. Our department offers one of the top-ranked Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate programs in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. Both MS and PhD degrees are available in a variety of specialized areas. Emphasis is placed on advanced study and participation in creative research.

The MS degree may be completed with or without a thesis. In the environmental engineering and science program, most MS students prepare a thesis, but in the other programs of the department, most MS students do not. The MS degree requires 32 hours of graduate course credit if a thesis is part of the program (with 8 of the 32 hours comprising the thesis), and 36 hours without a thesis. The non-thesis MS degree is also available online. The PhD program requires 32 additional hours of coursework beyond the MS degree, followed by a comprehensive research program and preparation of a dissertation. The department also offers two joint degrees: the master of architecture and master of science in civil engineering (Structures), and a joint master of business administration and construction engineering and management.