Outreach in CEE

Outreach in the field of civil and environmental engineering is crucial, and the efforts of our Outreach Team, particularly through the Service Learning Program and the Tutoring/Mentoring Program, contribute significantly to the broader goals of education and community engagement. 

Service-Learning Program in CEE:

Service Learning is an educational approach that combines community service with academic instruction. In this program, students get the opportunity to engage in activities that address community needs while also enhancing their academic learning, personal growth and civic responsibility. 

In Fall 2023, our STEMbassador Team started its collaboration with a local high school in the Champaign area. Through this program, our volunteers helped the students and teachers in math and science classes. They also offered one-on-one mentoring and tutoring for underrepresented students and students who needed extra help in math and science.

Tutoring-Mentoring Program in CEE

The Tutoring-Mentoring Program offers teaching and mentoring opportunities for graduate students who would like to volunteer and begin helping their peers by incorporating their skills or techniques (for example, programming or mathematical knowledge) that are common across many courses they have taken. The peer-to-peer program facilitates the transfer of skills and knowledge among graduate students and also allows individuals to leverage their expertise to help others and create a collaborative learning environment within the department. 
By engaging in teaching and mentoring opportunities, students develop the skills necessary for effective communication, leadership and knowledge transfer—skills essential for success in both academic and industry settings. 


How to Get Involved

Maryam Ghadiri
Maryam Ghadiri

If you're interested in volunteering for this rewarding program, please email Dr. Maryam Ghadiri, mghadiri@illinois.edu. She will then schedule a brief orientation session to provide more details and answer any questions you might have. 

Your commitment to this initiative will help shape the future of aspiring young minds in our community.