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Business Office

Grants and Contracts Coordinator
  • Grants and contracts
Assistant Head
  • Department Head’s Office
  • Business Office
  • Human Resources
  • Proposal Submissions
Assistant Director of Business Operations
  • Proposal Submissions
  • State
  • Institutional
  • Self-Supporting
  • Gifts
  • Department Card Manager
  • Unit Security Contact
Senior Research and Policy Analyst
  • Departmental Purchasing
  • Bid and Contract Processing
  • Office Supplies and Repairs
Finance Coordinator
  • Charge out activities
  • TImesheets
  • Bi-weekly payroll
  • Accounting corrections and posting
  • Encumbrance accuracy (esp grants)
Human Resource Specialist
  • Department Human Resources
  • Payroll and Leave Balances
  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Coordinate all department appointments
Grants & Contracts Specialist

Post-award support for sponsored projects in the following areas:

  • Environmental
  • Geotechnical
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Materials
Office Administrator
  • Travel arrangements (beforehand)
  • Travel expense reimbursements (on return)
  • Small-dollar purchases on a credit card or as a reimbursement