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Office of the Department Head

Associate Director of Operations
  • Department Head’s Office
  • Operations, staffing and Head’s schedule
  • Modernization project
  • Special projects and strategic initiatives
  • Faculty searches, appointments, requests and awards
  • Department events and retreats
  • Space
Senior Director of Advancement Operations
  • Editor, CEE Magazine
  • Media inquiries
  • Social media
Assistant Head
  • Department Head’s Office
  • Business Office
  • Human Resources
  • Proposal Submissions
Office Administrator
  • Faculty Awards (Campus, College and National)
  • Promotion & Tenure
  • Southside Parking Reservations
  • Faculty Elections (Department, College, and Campus)
  • Reimbursement Support
Office Support Associate
  • Faculty and Specialized Faculty Searches
  • Ethics Training
  • Pinnacle Manager
  • Area Support for Construction Materials and Construction Management (includes reimbursements, travel, seminars, conferences and general information)
Director of Strategic Research Initiatives
Human Resource Specialist
  • Department Human Resources
  • Payroll and Leave Balances
  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Coordinate all department appointments
Strategic Data Manager
  • Manage department stewardship program;
  • Coordinate donor reporting data;
  • Establish, manage and monitor fund agreements/expenditures;
  • Facilitate connections between donors and faculty fund beneficiaries.
Interim Head
  • Interim Department Head
  • Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering