Academic Contact Information

Departmental Resources and Key People

Service Resource Person Office Telephone (area code 217) Email
Academic Records Joan Christian 1108 NCEL 265-4496
Admissions  Mindy Calcagno 1107 NCEL 300-6787
Employment Records/Human Resources Denise Donnelly 1111 NCEL 898-1300
Director of Graduate Studies Scott Olson 1110 NCEL 265-7584
Building Facilities  Jamar Brown 1135 NCEL 300-1721
Thesis Format Checker Joan Christian 1108 NCEL 265-4496
Graduate Student Advisory Committee Chair Mia Renna
CEE Online Meg Griffin 1208 NCEL 333-3921
MS and 3+2 Program Advising Meg Griffin 1208 NCEL 333-3921
Newmark Structural Engineering Lab Alex Weber-Kamin 1120c NCEL


Area Graduate Admissions Coordinators
for information on area policies, courses, QE procedures, etc.)

Area Faculty Member Email address
Construction Management Khaled El-Rayes
Construction Materials John Popovics
EMMAT   Oscar Lopez-Pamies
Environmental Engineering Hannah Horowitz 
EWES Megan Mathews  
Geotech Engineering Roman Makhnenko
SRIS Nishant Garg 
SRHM Frank Lombardo
Structural Engineering Eun Jeong Cha
Transportation Engineering Alireza Talebpour
Water Resources Engineering Art Schmidt