Alumni Network

A strong network that spans the globe.

With almost 13,000 CEE at Illinois alumni around the world, joining the CEE family means immediately having connections wherever you go. From student support, to recruiting and professional development, to social events, alumni are an important part of the CEE at Illinois experience. When you graduate from CEE, you become a lifetime member of this active and influential network.

The CEE at Illinois alumni network offers:


CEE at Illinois alumni regularly make appearances in the department, whether to lead a special lecture, participate in a professional development seminar, or to share their knowledge as a guest of a student organization. The department hosts special events throughout the year (for example, a beer tasting, tailgate and golf outing) so alumni can gather together for fun and networking.

Extra support for young alumni.

The Young Alumni Division (YED) of the CEE Alumni Association is dedicated to helping new CEE graduates transition to - and succeed in - the workplace. The YED offers mentorship and social opportunities for young alumni, helping them establish connections with other alumni and build their networks.


In addition to Grainger College of Engineering career fairs, two job fairs are held each year exclusively for civil and environmental engineering students. CEE alumni are regulars at these events, representing and recruiting for their companies.


Alumni are responsible for funding many of the scholarships awarded by CEE every year. They are generous supporters of the department in other ways as well, helping to fund capital improvements, student activities, research opportunities and graduate fellowships.

Where are they now?

CEE at Illinois alumni can be found all over the world. How many, and where?


Map of alumni locations


United States:

Alabama 33
Alaska 23
Arizona 160
Arkansas 30
California 993
Colorado 335
Connecticut 54
Delaware 20
District of Columbia 14
Florida 444
Georgia 178
Guam 1
Hawaii 47
Idaho 23
Illinois 5,403
Indiana 174
Iowa 79
Kansas 71

Kentucky 48
Louisiana 38
Maine 19
Maryland 148
Massachusetts 123
Michigan 134
Minnesota 108
Mississippi 20
Missouri 274
Montana 15
Nebraska 30
Nevada 55
New Hampshire 26
New Jersey 139
New Mexico 56
New York 192
North Carolina 156
North Dakota 2

Ohio 194
Oklahoma 30
Oregon 89
Pennsylvania 159
Puerto Rico 30
Rhode Island 15
South Carolina 65
South Dakota 6
Tennessee 123
Texas 560
Utah 23
Vermont 8
Virgin Islands 1
Virginia 303
Washington 289
West Virginia 12
Wisconsin 213
Wyoming 9


US Armed Forces: 8

Numbers based on available alumni addresses. Last updated: Summer 2020

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