Get Involved

CEE at Illinois has 15,000 alumni in Illinois and around the globe. From brand-new graduates putting up their CEE pennants in their first cubicles to CEOs of prominent, global firms to retired professionals who spent their entire careers shaping the history of our world through the creation of critical infrastructure, CEE Illini are everywhere. 

At all stages of your life, we welcome your involvement with the department. There is always something you can do to share your knowledge with today’s students, help us achieve our mission to educate the engineers of the future and preserve the value of your own degrees by doing your part to keep CEE at Illinois top-ranked. Below, we present some stories by alumni on ways they have gotten involved, the impact of alumni and ideas on how you can reconnect with the department. 

Our alumni and friends actively support the department by:

  • Mentoring students
  • Presenting seminars
  • Speaking to classes
  • Attending student-sponsored activities
  • Supporting student organizations
  • Participating in one or both of the spring and fall job fairs
  • Giving to the CE Trust Fund, which supports student and faculty activities
  • Encouraging your company to participate in the Corporate Partners Program.


Other ideas for getting involved

Return for EOH

Brian Porter (BS 97), pictured at right, returned to campus to deliver a gift from his employer, Terracon Consultants Inc., and visit Engineering Open House with his family: wife, Amy; daughters Ashleigh, 10 (striking a dramatic pose), and Katie, 7; and son, Nathan, 11. Engineering Open House is offered each March. Visit for more information.

Attend alumni events

One of the most fun ways to stay connected with the department and your fellow Illini is to attend some of the CEE alumni events we host each year, such as our annual golf outing, beer tasting or the Chicago Alumni Dinner. For more information about events, visit our Upcoming Events page.

Help current students 

Beginning in August and extending through October, CEE hosts a series of informational seminars called Backpack to Briefcase, which is geared towards preparing students for their transition to a professional workplace. Topics include preparing a resume, how to make a good impression with recruiters, how to get ready for interviews and more. Why not consider presenting at one of the sessions or asking your company to help sponsor the series? Visit the Backpack to Briefcase page for more information.

Give back

There are many ways to give to CEE at Illinois. Regardless of the size of the gift, a donation to the annual fund helps us retain our top ranking by boosting the percentage of alumni who give back. Unrestricted gifts to the CEE Trust improve the student experience by enabling unique academic opportunities like field trips and student attendance at professional conferences. The department is also utilizing those funds to support the creation of knowledge through workshops and conferences on innovative new topics and research. For more information on giving to the department, visit our Giving page or contact Nishant Makhijani, Assistant Director of Advancement,



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