Tutoring and Mentoring Program

Join our Tutoring and Mentoring Program!

Our new Tutoring and Mentoring Program is calling for enthusiastic volunteers like you to join us in fostering a supportive learning environment. This program offers teaching and mentoring opportunities for graduate students who would like to volunteer and help their peers by sharing their knowledge of skills or techniques (for example, programming or mathematical knowledge) that are common across many courses they have taken. The peer-to-peer program facilitates the transfer of skills and knowledge among graduate students and also allows individuals to leverage their expertise to help others and create a collaborative learning environment within the department. 

Our program includes Peer-to-Peer Support, Skill Sharing and Collaborative Learning:




Whether you're seeking assistance or eager to lend a helping hand, our program offers a platform for students to collaborate and learn from each other. As a volunteer, you can share your expertise in subjects like programming or mathematics, helping your peers tackle challenges and excel in their coursework and projects.


Harness your skills and techniques acquired through various courses to benefit your fellow students. By incorporating your knowledge into peer-to-peer interactions, you not only aid others but also reinforce your own understanding and mastery of key concepts.


Our program isn't just about receiving or giving help—it's about building a community of learners who support and uplift each other. Together, we can create an inclusive and collaborative learning environment that empowers every student to thrive.
Join us in shaping the future of education within the CEE department.

Ready to get involved?

Maryam Ghadiri
Maryam Ghadiri

Contact Dr. Maryam Ghadiri for information and to sign up for open office hours.


Open Office Hours

Open office hours will start on Feb 26th:

Location: Hydro Bridge 

Tuesdays: 2-3 PM---assisting with programming (Matlab, python). 

Wednesday: 3-4 PM---assisting with python and XPS data analysis

4-6 PM Thursday---assisting with Structural Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Structural Dynamics, Steel Structures and Finite Element Methods, Matlab, LaTeX and python

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