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Clement C. Lee Outstanding Scholar Award in Honor of Houssam Mahmoud Karara

This award was established in 1996 by Clement Lee (MS 69) in honor of Professor Houssam Mahmoud Karara. 

The recipient is selected on the basis of academic merit.

The award will be given during the Spring semester.

Past recipients:

2020     Nathaniel Zipperich

2019     Kent Eng

2018     Christopher Giebel, Jiayi Pan, Chen Zhang

2017     Arthur Tseng

2016     Joshua Dormeier

2015     Christine Daul

2014     Aditya Nagpal

2013     Xingan Kan

2011     Elizabeth A. Rehwoldt

2010     Paul G. Vizenor

2009     David A. Yaksic

2008     Lauren L. Stromberg

2007     Jeffrey W. Dolian

2006     Benjamin P. Burroughs