Delores Wade Huber Scholarship

The Delores Wade Huber Scholarship was established in 1969 through the estate of Delores Huber.  The scholarship is awarded annually to undergraduate students.

The selection is based on high academic achievement.

The award will be given in two equal payments: one during the Fall semester and one during the Spring semester.

Past recipients:

2021     Maria Joaquina Noriega Giminez

2019     Michael Thon

2018     Joung Woo Han, Pieter Svenson, Xuhuan Zhao

2017     Eugene Kim, Zachary Cinq-Mars, Nada Naffakh, Nathaniel Zipperich

2016     Matt Kaiser

2014     Jon Stricker, Tawakalit Sulaiman

2013     Christine Daul, Cory Mosiman, Justin Vogel

2012     Ryan Chan

2011     Denglin Wu, Sheng Tao Huang

2010     Yunfei Yang

2009     Jose Garcia, Ronald M. Halicke, Hannah Y. Suh

2008     Quinton M. Champer, Peter A. Maraccini

2007     Johanna M. Gemperline, Peter A. Maraccini

2006     Jeffrey D. Viano