George L. Farnsworth Jr. Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1999 by Anna Farnsworth in memory of her husband, George L. Farnsworth, Jr. Mr. Farnsworth (BS 39, MS 41, alumnus and longtime friend of the Department, served as president of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Association (CEEAA) from 1984 to 1986, and received the CEEAA Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1999.

The recipient of the George L. Farnsworth Jr. Scholarship is chosen on the basis of academic merit, with preference given to students studying in the field of water or wastewater.

The award is divided into two equal payments: one during the Fall semester, and one during the Spring semester.

Past recipients:

2021     Josephine Hoppenworth, Michael Molloy, Jack Reicherts

2020     Maggie Bono, Erika Jaszka, Joyce Li, Faith Maranion, Nathan Wisnionski

2019     Yicong Dong, Henry Doyle, Bugra Sahin, Mingruo Shen

2018     Cindy Chen, Jared Vegrzyn

2017     Jacqueline Glattard, Jessica Wiegand

2016     Kazami Brockman, Eduardo Hanon, Xiaohan Shao, Sarah Wenzel

2015     Amanda Caldwell-Jaques, Elaina Plinke, Wei Quan, Rebecca Ventura, Jingxuan Ge

2014     Jingxuan Ge, Sylwia Kokoszka, Jessica Villie

2013     Marika Nell

2012     Hanting Wang

2011     Andrew V. Rehn

2010     John A. Jurevis, Andrew R. Kustusch, Chuan Li

2009     Sayo Chaoka, Esvina Litia Choo Mei Seng, Jessica L. Lambert

2008     Lucas R. Fencl

2007     Matthew N. Sugihara

2006     Brian D. Smith