Grant W. Shaw Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. V. Reed Shaw established the Grant W. Shaw Memorial Scholarship in 1987 in memory of their son, Grant, a 1973 civil engineering graduate.

The scholarship is awarded to an advanced undergraduate student with an expressed interest in highway engineering, as indicated by the courses completed or in progress. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage the candidate to continue studies and research in the transportation area.

The selection is made by faculty members in the transportation area of the civil engineering department, in consultation with a representative of the Schaumburg Chapter of the Illinois Association of Highway Engineers.

The award is divided into two equal payments: one during the Fall semester, and one during the Spring semester.

Past recipients:

2021     Dale Robbennolt

2020     Sylvia Kierpiec, Jake Lewis, Brett Myskowski

2019     Zachary Cinq-Mars, Nicholas Reynolds

2018     Kyle Bathgate

2017     Eric Etzwiler, Matthew Hui

2016     Christian Thompson

2015     Carlos Martinez, Fangyu Wu

2014     Michael Halkias, Scott Schmidt

2013     Alek Heilstedt, Don Jurkowski, Daniel Malsom

2012     Alek Heilstedt, Christine Rhoades

2011     Saranya R. Konala, Ryan R. Smith

2010     Ryan S. Altemare, Kathryn M. Born

2009     Benjamin J. Zeman, Adam Borhart

2008     Denise M. Soehrman

2007     Kevin M. Spitz

2006     Keith A. Moroni