Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association Scholarship

The Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association Scholarship is given to a junior, senior, or graduate student who has a strong interest in asphalt and pavement design. The organization promotes the improvement and advancement of quality pavement construction in Illinois. Until 2013, the award was given under two separate scholarship names: the Ernest L. Doctor Memorial Award and the Harry R. Hanley Memorial Scholarship.

The award is divided into two equal payments: one during the Fall semester, and one during the Spring semester.

Past recipients:

2018     Gabriel Braboy, Uthman Mohamed-Ali

2017     Arturo Espinoza, Osman Erman Gungor

2016     Jacob Sumeraj, Antonio Domel, He Wang

2015     Meg McGovern, Jose Riveria-Perez

2014     Angela Mariz Gamez, Punit Singhvi

Ernest L. Doctor Memorial Award

2013     Kuan Yu Ko

2012     Ugwem Eneyo

2011     Salman Hakimzadeh

2010     Ryan S. Altemare

2009     Debakanta Mishra

2008     Calvin Young

2007     Andrew F. Braham

2006     Andrew F. Braham

Harry R. Hanley Memorial Scholarship

2013     Joseph Staats

2012     Gilberto Chaidez

2011     Shohei Kurokawa

2010     Yu Qian

2009     Brian C. Hill

2008     Eunseok Choi

2007     Jodie F. Green

2006     Jodie F. Green