Moreland Herrin Scholarship

The Moreland Herrin Scholarship was established by Professor Herrin’s family, former students and colleagues in honor of his outstanding career. Professor Herrin is recognized as one of the nation’s experts in asphalt and hot-mix asphalt paving materials. While on the faculty, he served as the organizer and chairman of the Illinois Bituminous Conference, directed the Illinois Cooperative Highway and Transportation Research Program, and served as assistant materials engineer on the well-known AASHO Test Road. Professor Herrin’s most influential role during his thirty years in the Department was as advisor to generations of students, many of who are now successful practicing engineers.

A committee of transportation faculty selects the award recipient, and preference is given to nontraditional students.

The award is given during the Spring semester.

Past recipients:

2021     Charles Zehnal

2020     Brandon Yates

2019     Katherine Biggs

2018     Gabriel Braboy, Justin Kuhns

2017     Tyler Pierson, Micah Stickling

2016     Sean Pengelly

2015     Kimberly Marsh

2014     Brian Castro, Simonas Tvaronas

2013     Sarah Klarich

2011     Alexander Ng, James E. Pforr

2010     Michael R. Lodes

2009     Lauren E. Payne, Carrie D. Desmond

2008     James G. Huntley, Rory A. Polera

2006     Adam E. Jansen